Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health established the World of Work service in 1999 to give people an opportunity to develop their personal employment aspirations

and by doing meaningful work related activities. The service complements existing health care & support services in South Lanarkshire.

What can World of Work offer me?

Our service can help you:

  • Explore your personal employment options & support you to choose what it is you want to do;
  • Remove any barriers you feel you may experience when trying to improve your employment & work prospects;
  • Set realistic goals and plan how to achieve them at a pace which will be suitable to you;
  • Benefit from having a routine that includes taking part in activities which are meaningful to you.
  • Develop and improve your skills through voluntary work, training, education, voluntary work, work tasters, paid employment.;

How Do I Get Started?

You can ask your health or social work professional to refer you to World of Work. Alternatively, you can contact us on the telephone number below and a World of Work team member can provide information on how to access our service.

We can arrange to meet with you together with one of your family or friends if you prefer to chat about how our support could help you. If you feel our service would be beneficial to you after this initial chat, you will be introduced to a member of the World of Work team who will work alongside you to identify your own personal goals & plan how these can be achieved together. This will be regularly reviewed and updated to reflect your achievements and plan your next step.